Puppies and Available Dogs
We raise working, show, and breeding quality Australian Cattle Dogs out of conformation
Champion, herding and performance titled parents.  All of our dogs work and show.
We health test and guarantee all of our puppies and dogs.
Let us know if you are looking for that special ACD.
Quality doesn't cost,
it pays
Puppy Management at Stock Options ACDs

Our puppies are raised on our horse farm in Western Kentucky.  
They are exposed to horses, ducks, sheep, and cattle from the start.  
All of our ACDs help with the farm chores and one or more is always riding with me
to the Veterinary Clinic where I work as a licensed Veterinary Technician.    

All puppies are heavily socialized to adults and children.  A good friend borrows a
pup or two for a weekend and her children break them in and wear them out.  
It is very true that a tired ACD puppy is a good ACD puppy!
Competitive by nature, capable by design.  
CH Stock Options No Risk Guarantee PT QW
Razin x Reckon son
CH Stock Options Hellon Heels!
Razin x Reckon daughter
(female pictured at 5 weeks above on top left, at 10 weeks old below right and  4 months below left)
Risk working at 5 and 6 weeks old!
Risk pictured below at 1 1/2 years old

Health Testing

All of our breeding dogs are health tested for Hips, Elbows, Patellas through OFA
evaluation, Cardiac, Deafness (
BAER test), PRA prcd (genetic test for blindness
Optigen), and CERF (opthalmologist exam for eye abnormalities).  
We also genetically test for
PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) and the rcd4 form of PRA.

Whether you purchase a pup from us, or another breeder, it is important to ask
questions about the health testing background of the parents and see the actual
results on the
OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) website or ask for a copy of
test results from the breeder.  If there is no documented proof to back up claims of
health testing, then it likely does not exist.  This breed has several health issues that
can be avoided through health testing and correct selection of dogs to be bred.
Unknown health background can spell disaster for the resulting pups, and future
generations if these pups go to homes were they will be used for breeding.  

Some of the health issues in ACDs cannot simply be ruled out by breeding an
unaffected dog to another unaffected dog, so it is even more important to know what
the testing background is on as many close relations and at least several generations
back on both parents to help determine if certain issues could possibly show up in
the pups.  Many health problems can appear in later generations through recessive
genes that are lurking, completely unknown to breeders who do no testing.  
The more information you have, the better informed you will be on whether a
particular pup from a particular cross may even be a consideration for you.  

Lack of health testing equals a lack of commitment to the breed and the prospective
new puppy owner.  Don't be fooled by empty assurances that this or that "line"
doesn't have any of "those" health issues, they are present in this breed, period,
so your best bet is to look for a breeder who is honest and forthcoming
about their dogs and their testing and who stands behind the pups they sell.  
There is absolutely no excuse for any breeder to state that health testing is a waste
of time and money, yet sadly, there are some high volume breeders that do.

It is also NOT possible to guarantee any
pups or dogs to be 100% free of genetic defects.   
The best breeding can produce dogs that do not pass certain health clearances,
untested breeding is not only ignorant, but often times deceitful.            

We do guarantee the health of our puppies per our purchase agreement,
which will be furnished upon request.
Planned breedings for 2017 listed below.
Feel free to contact me if you would like to be
considered for a puppy from a future litter.
2xAOM Platinum GCH Stock Options What Goes Around Comes Around
Razin x Eli daughter)
co-owned by myself, Jan Lewis, Robin Hutson and Ruby Sisk, resides in Oklahoma with Jan
2014 #3 Breed and All Breed Year End, 2014 BOS Eukanuba National Show and
2014 & 2015 BOS Westminster!
Stock Options It's Payback Time PT
Razin x Eli son
(male pictured at 4 months on sheep)
GCH Stock Options Wake Up Call HT QW
Razin x Reckon son
pictured below after finishing his GCH handled exclusively by Robin Hutson
CH Stock Options Hold My Beer N Watch This
Rogue x Risk son
co-owned by myself, Jan Lewis, and Ruby Sisk
(male pictured at 8 months finishing his CH by going Winners Dog at Eukanuba National Pre Show 2015 on left, then
the next day in the Eukanuba National Show, first time out as a Special, taking Select Dog and Bred By Exhibitor
Best Of Breed with co-breeder Ruby Sisk! pictured on right )
Fall 2017 Breeding Planned
Stock Options Kiss My Assets PT RN CGC QW (Rogue)
will be bred to
DC WTCH Stock Options Cowculated Risk HXAcsd HXBd HIAcsd HIBd
HSAcsd HSBcsd RN HRD1s HTAD1sd HTD1d QW (Reckon)
These pups will be available to experienced working and performance homes only,
please email for a Puppy Application if you would like to be considered
for a place on the waiting list for this litter.
Health Clearances:
Hips: Good (ACD-3162G24F-VPI)
Elbows: Normal (ACD-EL1159F24-VPI)
Patellas: Normal (ACD-PA169/17F/P-VPI)
Cardiac: Normal (ACD-CA205/17F/P-VPI)
Eyes: Normal (ACD-EYE123/26F-VPI) 2015
PRA prcd: Clear (ACD-PRA1997/1F-VPI)
PLL: Obligate Clear
PRA rcd4: Obligate Clear  
BAER: Normal (ACD-BR756/1F-VPI)
Health Clearances:
Hips: Good (ACD-2585G28M-VPI)
Elbows: Normal (ACD-EL681M28-VPI)
Patellas: Normal (ACD-PA67/19M/P-VPI)
Cardiac: Normal (ACD-CA96/19M/P-VPI)
Eyes: Normal (ACD-EYE89/77M-VPI) 2014
PRA prcd: Clear (ACD-PRA1854/1M-VPI)
PLL: Clear (ACD-PLL87/60M-VPI)
PRA rcd4: Clear (ACD-P4-13/61M-VPI)
BAER: Normal (ACD-BR294/7M-VPI)
CHIC# 82307