Just for Laughs
This page was created to celebrate the sense of humor you need to live with
and especially show or trial an Australian Cattle Dog.  Here are some
entertaining moments captured on film.  No dogs or livestock were injured.
Ducking and Running!
I know you're probably thinking, "A Cattle Dog on DUCKS?!?"  Well, at times like these, I am too!  Haha.
Roanie has actually finished 11 titles in 3 different herding associations trialing on ducks.  
She is currently trialing and earning Championship points at the Advanced levels in AKC and AHBA
plus has finished the highest ASCA title on ducks.  
Ready, Camera, Action!  Roanie takes her duck herding very seriously.  
Fast starts and hard turns, it's hard work to keep those ornery little critters under control.
Everything is under control, for the moment anyway, and she won the class.
For putting up with the duck work, Roanie's never ending question to me is,
"Can we work the cows, now?!?"
Now, here's a Sneak Peek
Sheep Thrills & Got Your Goat
You're right, this isn't a rare black, flop-eared, no-tail ACD, it's Rottweiler
CH Von Riddle's Turn The Page CGC TT PT HT RN
aka "Seger", owned by
Robin McCall.
Seger earned his stripes, though, and on our farm he is an honorary ACD!
Roanie says, "Go ahead, Make My Day!"
Where's the BEEF?
Well, Roanie, that's one way to turn a cow!
Competitive by nature, capable by design.